Anusha meaning 'Bright Shining Star' in Hindu is a wonderful new healing energy that is associated with the stars.


This scintillating energy can bring a sense of Peace, Calm and Stillness,a feeling of finally coming home within ourselves - to a place of comfort and tranquility.


Anusha is given by the practitioner in the same way as Reiki.


Anusha Healing can heal an extensive range of issues such as depression, loss and addiction.


The Book, Anusha Healing - Shining A Beacon Of Love in Changing Times by Patsi Hayes has now been Published. This can be obtained from & Amazon. For more information follow my link to Patsi Hayes's website.


A Session of Anusha Healing for 1 hour is 30. This can be combined with the Reiki Healing.




To become an Anusha Healer, the following training workshops are available:


Anusha Level 1 ~ you will be introduced to a brief history of the energy and its associations (e.g. The Six-pointed Star, The Silver-violet Flame and Shiva Lingams) and experience an atonement during which the Master symbol is placed in your aura / major chakras whilst four additional symbols are directed into key chakras. You will be given the opportunity to work with the energies of these symbols and to learn how they might be employed in self-healing and healing others. Level 1 is taught in a one day workshop and costs 75-00.

Anusha Level 2 ~ a more detailed history is shared and further associations, for example Angels, Ascended Masters and the spiritual significance of 2012 are explained at greater depth. Again, the atonement involves the Master symbol being guided into your aura / major chakras and four additional symbols are then placed in certain chakras. You will explore and experience the special energy of the extra symbols in the context of healing yourself and others and begin to appreciate how the symbols can be combined to spectacular effect. Again, this involves a one day workshop and costs 75-00.


Anusha Level 3 ~ the Master Practitioner Level incorporates delving into all aspects of the energy at much greater depth, being introduced to Star Goddesses and the concept of The Star of Bethlehem. An atonement takes place which utilises the Master symbol and the final four symbols and you will enjoy devoting considerable time to experiencing the energy of all these symbols, separately and in combination, at a profound level. This training also comprises a one day workshop and costs 100-00.

Anusha Level 3 ~ the Master Teacher Level during which you will learn how to perform atonements and facilitate workshops. The fee for this level is 250-00 and it consists of two full days, several follow-up sessions and loads of in-depth discussion and practice!