Liz has practiced Reiki Healing for several years, and has reached the Master Level degree teaching all levels of Reiki, as well as giving healing, simultaneously combining this with her Counselling skills as a professional Counsellor.


Liz is also an Anusha Master Teacher and when giving healing to her clients, can combine this with the Reiki healing energy.


Liz enjoys studying and decided that Indian Head Massage would be very beneficial, alongside the healing. She was right to make the decision to take the Diploma course as many people really enjoy having an Indian Head Massage.


As a Counseller she has worked in an organisation in a multi-cultural society as a volunteer, Counselling & supporting a large number of people struggling with a wide variety of issues.  In that time Liz has attended many workshops & training programmes to support this work.  Counselling is a very integral part of Liz's work and is very worthy for her clients.


Liz has studied in great depth depression & anxiety, abuse, eating disorders, bereavement and many more subjects.  Just some of the problems that a person may encounter in their everyday life.


She has the ability to work at a very deep level with her clients, and has a remarkable understanding and empathy towards people because of her wealth of knowledge & life experiences.


In the year 2009 Liz began writing poems that she realised had the ability to help people who were going through difficult times, and would be very healing. Over 200 poems were written in less than 6 months in themes of Faith, Healing, Angels and Bereavement, amongst others.These emotional and intuitive pieces of writing were put together and amazingly Published in Dec 2009. This was a fantastic year and she has continued writing and supporting people using these powerful pieces of writing.


An Inner Light That Shines So Bright can be obtained from liveitpublishers, this is linked to the website and can also be ordered from Amazon. And of course in person from the Author herself.


Liz is also running Poetry Evenings in the Claytons in Marlow, once a month. Click here to go to our events page to see more. 


Liz runs Creative Writing Classes to help other people express & connect with their inner-most thoughts and feelings. Click here to take you to Creative Writing.


Working in compliance with the Code of Ethics of the British Association of Counsellor Practitioners & Psychotherapists.