This will enable you to:



  • Empower yourself through writing.
  • Release blocks.
  • Enhance personal reflection.
  • Uplift your spirits & energise your soul.
  • Open doors to inspire your dreams.
  • Write from your heart and speak your truth.


  • Using visualisation pictures.
  • Use reflective & poetic writing.
  • Meditations.
  • Ideas to create free-flowing writing.




Adult Creative Writing Sessions

To write from the heart is to write from within. We all have this within us, it's a matter of finding the trigger and once you get going you won't want to stop.

I can help you to write from the heart and express your true feelings and thoughts.

This will enable you to follow your dreams, give you confidence and give you feelings of utter bliss and tranquillity.

You will find you will feel joy and happiness in your everyday lives.


'Don't be afraid, you will be amazed'

If you are interested in one to one sessions with Liz:

12 per hour.

Will be flexible as to whether you require group sessions.

Longer sessions can be arranged if you wish.